Rental Stations

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Rental Station Altenglan

Am Bahnhof, 66885 Altenglan
Tel: +49 6381/ 429450

Gaststätte "Gleis 3"

Info Altenglan





Rental Station Lauterecken

Am Bahnhof, 67742 Lauterecken

Tel: +49 6382/8588

Mobil: +49 176/39798298

Info Lauterecken






Rental Station Staudernheim


Bosser Au, 55568 Staudernheim
Tel: +49 175 / 764 6855

„Zum 3sinenwirt“

Info Staudernheim


This project was supported via the EU joint initiative LEADER II, using funds by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate


The bicycle draisine is registered as a barrier-free operation (Level 1) in compliance with Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism criteria. For more information: