Bicycle Draisine

Four adults fit into a bicycle draisine. Two of them must pedal, two passengers can sit on the bench behind them.

Conference Draisine

Fore more sociability on tour, there’s the conference draisine. Three people pedal, four can sit around the “conference table.”

Hand-Operated Draisine

The hand-operated draisine is conceived for groups between 8 and 13 people. Four operate the lever, the others can sit on the benches.

Barrier-Free Draisine

The draisine is outfitted with two pedal systems and one lever operation, allowing three people on board.


Covered Draisine

The covered draisine carries up to 20 passengers. They need only watch and marvel, as the covered draisine is pulled by a tractor.

General Draisine Selection


This project was supported via the EU joint initiative LEADER II, using funds by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate


The bicycle draisine is registered as a barrier-free operation (Level 1) in compliance with Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism criteria. For more information: www.barrierefrei.rlp-info.de