Bicycle Draisine

Like a bicycle, the draisine is pedal-powered and runs on four wheels along railway tracks, like a train – no steering is required. In this way you can look at the landscape or talk, completely at your leisure.

…it’s so simple…

Up to four people can go on the draisine. Two of them (taller than about 1.50 metres) start to pedal, propelling the draisine forwards. On the bench (76 cm in breadth), up to two people can ride along in all comfort. Every passenger must be seated!

There is a lot of space for baggage or for bicycles behind the bench, so that the draisine ride can easily be combined with a cycling and hiking tour.

Where does the tour begin?

You drive in one direction all day, with no incoming traffic. There are two available route lengths: 20 km or 40 km. Starting points are Lauterecken and, in daily alternation, Altenglan and Staudernheim. For the return trip you can use public transportation along the route.

  • on even-numbered days the draisines go from Staudernheim to Altenglan, starting points are Staudernheim and Lauterecken
  • on odd-numbered days the draisines go from Altenglan to Staudernheim, starting points are Altenglan and Lauterecken


The price is for rental of a draisine over the duration of one day, independently of the length of track booked.

Workdays: €36.00

Saturday/Sunday/Holidays: €44.00

Reservation required!

Opening hours

You can ride all day, from March to October

Online Booking


This project was supported via the EU joint initiative LEADER II, using funds by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate


The bicycle draisine is registered as a barrier-free operation (Level 1) in compliance with Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism criteria. For more information: