Saison 2017

Saison 2017

Die Draisinensaison 2017 startet am 25.03.2017


E-Draisine ab Juni


Sie möchten sich nicht nur auf Ihre Muskelkraft verlassen? Dann buchen Sie doch einfach unsere Konferenzdraisinen mit e-Hilfsmotor. Die E-Draisine ist ab 92,- € für 7 Personen buchbar.

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Tipp für Sonnentage:
Unsere Fahrraddraisinen haben Halterungen für Ihren Sonnenschirm.
Da wir nur begrenzte Mengen an Schirmen haben, empfehlen wir eigene Schirme mitzubringen.


Gehen Sie auf Nummer sicher nutzen Sie unseren Umbuchungsservice

für nur 2,90 € je Fahrzeug können Sie Ihre Tour bis zu 3 Tage im Voraus kurzfristig verschieben.
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Unser Tourenplaner

Der Tourenplaner

Alle Infos rund um die Draisinentour kompakt in einem Heft. Bestellen Sie jetzt unseren kostenlosen Tourenplaner. hier


Draisinen SONG

Kennen Sie schon unseren DraisinenSong?

Komponiert und gesungen von Julian Williams.

Draisine Tours – Pure Experience

What to do with 40 kilometres of railway track that nobody needs anymore? It’s simple: just keep using it, only with different vehicles. This is the opportunity that offers itself between Altenglan and Staudernheim. The one-track draisine line makes a great first impression through the charm of the landscape surrounding it. Even natives marvel at the idyll of the Glan valley, where the eye can rove at leisure while riding a draisine instead of rushing past behind the wheel of an automobile as usual. Scattered throughout the route, in every locality and at least once every 1.5 km, there are stops where the draisines can be parked. After all, any draisinist should not only be interested in an unusual vehicle but also have a sense of adventure. Apart from the route, there are any number of opportunities for flying visits – from museums, architectural treasures, art and culture all the way to regional gastronomy or vineyards.


Food and Drink 

Musician’s Country, around Kusel, is a hospitable region. Hardly anyone who visited us has left hungry or thirsty. To offer our guests some orientation, we founded the culinary route. Our participating gastronomical enterprises, bakers, butchers and agricultural self-marketers set high quality standards for regional products. The recipe for success is: produce regionally, refine regionally, and if possible, eat and drink regionally. See for yourself while shopping, picnicking, or eating out. Detailed information can be found out via the tour planner on the right.


This project was supported via the EU joint initiative LEADER II, using funds by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate


The bicycle draisine is registered as a barrier-free operation (Level 1) in compliance with Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism criteria. For more information: